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Vertical adj. Lying or directed perpendicularly to the horizon. vertigo n. Dizziness. vestige n. A visible trace, mark, or impression, of something absent, lost, or gone. vestment n. Clothing or covering. veto n. The constitutional right in a chief executive of refusing to approve an enactment. vicarious adj. Suffered or done in place of or for the sake of another. viceroy n. A ruler acting with royal authority in place of the sovereign in a colony or province. vicissitude n. A change, especially a complete change, of condition or circumstances, as of fortune.

Unutterable adj. Inexpressible. unwieldy adj. Moved or managed with difficulty, as from great size or awkward shape. unwise adj. Foolish. unyoke v. To separate. up-keep n. Maintenance. upbraid v. To reproach as deserving blame. upcast n. A throwing upward. upheaval n. Overthrow or violent disturbance of established order or condition. upheave v. To raise or lift with effort. uppermost adj. First in order of precedence. uproarious adj. Noisy. uproot v. To eradicate. upturn v. To throw into confusion.

Retort n. A retaliatory speech. retouch v. To modify the details of. retrace v. To follow backward or toward the place of beginning, as a track or marking. retract v. To recall or take back (something that one has said). retrench v. To cut down or reduce in extent or quantity. retrieve v. To recover something by searching. retroactive adj. Operative on, affecting, or having reference to past events, transactions, responsibilities. retrograde v. To cause to deteriorate or to move backward. retrogression n.

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