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As an grownup i wished to extend my vocabulary and this has been a good booklet for that objective. i might definately reccomend.

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Down 21. Noxious means unpleasant and harmful; unwholesome, noisome. 24. Loquacious means talkative; garrulous. 25. Ambivalent means having mixed or conflicting feelings about something; uncertain, irresolute. 27. Squalid means filthy, wretched; morally repulsive, sordid. 16 501 Vocabulary Questions 28. Ephemeral means lasting only a very short time; transient. 30. Irk means to annoy, irritate; vex. 31. Voracious means excessively greedy, having a great appetite for something, rapacious. 35. Inchoate means just begun, in an initial or early stage of development; nascent.

Someone who just inherited a farm with 200 acres c. someone who has just bumped into an old acquaintance, whom she would rather not have seen, from high school d. someone waiting for his airplane to take off, only to be told four hours later that his flight has been canceled and his luggage has been lost 55. saturnine a. b. c. d. someone who just won the lottery someone who has just fallen in love someone who has just had a loved one end a relationship someone who is sleeping Match the personality traits and attitudes listed in Column A to the descriptions in Column B.

The presence of two security guards fettered the teenagers’ plans to get backstage. forestall (fohr· stawl) v. to prevent by taking action first; preempt. The diplomat was able to forestall a conflict by holding secret meetings with both parties. fulminate ( ful·m˘·nayt) v. 1. to issue a thunderous verbal attack; berate. 2. to explode or detonate. The senator was prone to fulminate when other legislators questioned her ideology. immolate ( im·o˘·layt) v. 1. to kill, as a sacrifice. 2. to ruin by fire.

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