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This ebook is the long-awaited supplement to Michael Loewe's acclaimed "Biographical Dictionary of the Qin, Former Han and Xin sessions" (2000). With greater than 8,000 entries, dependent upon ancient documents and surviving inscriptions, the great "Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the 3 Kingdoms" (23-220 advert) now presents info on women and men of the chinese language international who lived on the time of Later (or japanese) Han, from Liu Xiu, founding Emperor Guangwu (reg. 24-57), to the prestigious warlord Cao Cao (155-220) on the finish of the dynasty. The entries, together with surnames, own names, kinds and dates, are followed by means of maps, genealogical tables and indexes, with lists of books and particular bills of girls. those gains, including the handy surveys of the background and the executive constitution of the dynasty, will make Rafe de Crespigny's paintings an crucial software for any more severe research of an important yet relatively overlooked interval of imperial China.

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HHS 88/78: 2916 & 2915. Annu 渰⢵ "Black Slave" see Wu Dun ⍴㒧. 167); Qiang. A leader of the Eastern Qiang, in the winter of 167 Anwei and his colleague Mobie gathered a number of groups to raid the region about Chang'an. They were defeated and killed by Zhang Huan's officers Yin Duan and Dong Zhuo. HHS 65/55:2140, 87/77:2898. Atong 斀Ạ or Axiu 斀Ἧ; Xiongnu. A king of the Northern Xiongnu, he surrendered to the Chinese armies under Dou Xian shortly before the final defeat and disappearance of the Shanyu in 91.

HHS 29/19:1023, XC 1:8a. Bao [Boxiang] ⬷Ṱ⍒; Youfufeng. Noted for literary and scholarly ability in the latter part of the first century, Bao Boxiang later had an official career. HHS 80/70A:2617. Bao Cheng 櫒ㅑ of Jingzhao was a younger brother of Bao Chu 櫒℻. Bao Chu 櫒⅞ of Jingzhao was the eldest brother of Bao Chu 櫒℻. Bao Chu 櫒℻ [Wencai 㓈ㆎ]; Jingzhao. As a young man, Bao Chu took pleasure in acting as a knight errant. In the middle 190s the region about Chang'an became seriously disturbed and Bao Chu and his family were short of food.

XC 5:6a-b & 5:1b, HHSJJ 76/66:2719 Hui Dong, SGZ 8: 249. Bahua €㸒 of Further Jushi. Bahua was a son of the former King Nongqi. In 125 the Chinese agent Ban Yong led Bahua and his brothers against the Northern Xiongnu. The campaign was successful, and while his elder brother Jitenu was made king, Bahua was granted honorary title as a marquis. -HHS 88/78:2930. Bai see Bo passim. Ban 䌮, the Lady; Youfufeng. Elder sister of Ban Gu and Ban Chao, and of the Lady Ban Zhao, she married a man of the Zhou surname and became the mother of Zhou Jizhen.

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