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By Karin Slaughter

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Sara Linton, health worker within the small city of Heartsdale, GA, is named out to an obvious suicide at the neighborhood university campus. The mutilated physique offers little within the approach of clues -- and the varsity specialists are wanting to stay away from a scandal -- yet for Sara and police leader Jeffrey Tolliver, issues do not upload up.

Two extra suspicious suicides stick with, and a tender lady is brutally attacked. For Sara, the violence moves some distance too just about domestic. And as Jeffrey pursues the sadistic killer, he discovers that ex-police detective Lena Adams, now a safety protect on campus, might be in ownership of the most important details. yet, bruised and angered by way of her expulsion from the strength, Lena seems slightly able to keeping herself, not to mention saving the subsequent victim.

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Suddenly, all the helplessness that had been building up since he had seen Tessa lying near death exploded out of him. ” Lena stared at him with the kind of burning hatred he was used to seeing in suspects he interrogated. He demanded, “You chase a fucking suspect, and you can’t even tell me if he was wearing a hat or not? ” Lena kept staring up at him, her jaw working as she held back what she wanted to say. “It’s a damn good thing he didn’t go after you,” Jeffrey said. ” He A FAINT COLD FEAR 33 was disgusted by the surprised look on her face, mostly because he had taught Lena better than that.

The dark wood paneling on the walls and the two stories of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves had been lightened so that they were still imposing but not oppressive. The overall atmosphere was soothing, and Lena liked coming A FAINT COLD FEAR 51 here at night as part of her after-work routine. She would sit in one of the cubicles in the front and thumb through whatever book was handy until around ten, when she would return to her room, have a drink or two to take the edge off, and try to go to sleep.

He’s always been sensitive, but his father and I are . ” She let her voice trail off, as if she did not want to trust Lena with too much information. Considering her recent outburst, Lena could not blame her. ” Lena took the note out of her back pocket and put it down on the table. Rosen hesitated before picking it up. “That’s not from Andy,” Lena said, indicating the bloody fingerprints Frank and Jeffrey had left on the paper. Even considering everything that had happened with Tessa, Lena was surprised Frank had let her take the note to Andy’s mother.

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