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By Maureen Smith

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Journalist Riley Kane has lengthy suspected that the loss of life of her fiance, Trevor, a San Antonio police officer, used to be now not an easy coincidence. the single one who can discover the reality approximately Trevor is his former companion, Noah Roarke. yet concepts of Noah fill Riley with to blame longing. Noah stored his distance from attractive, tempting Riley whereas Trevor was once alive. Now she's again, in his office-and in his hands. Blindsided by means of the warmth that surges among them, Noah tells himself that the earlier he is helping Riley locate closure, the earlier she will be able to go away city. yet getting her out of his method -- and out of his middle -- will not be that easy...

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Her face burned, but not from the temporary lack of oxygen to the brain. Nodding jerkily, she backed out of the room and hurried to the kitchen, where she poured herself a tall glass of water. Noah appeared a few moments later, frowning. ” She waved off his concern, gulping down the water as if she’d just run the Boston Marathon. “I’m fine,” she rasped when she’d finished her drink. “I was just thirsty. ” He walked over, took the empty glass from her hand and refilled it, then passed it back to her.

But despite her efforts to reach out to Noah, he’d always treated her with polite reserve, making it clear he didn’t share her desire for a friendship. At Trevor’s funeral, Noah could barely look at her. It was she who’d approached him after the service to thank him for the beautiful eulogy, which she knew had been as heartrending for him to deliver as it had been for her to hear. She’d wanted to comfort him, and a part of her had wanted to be comforted in return, to be held and told that everything would be okay.

When she wasn’t playing matchmaker, she’d flirted shamelessly with him—much to Riley’s chagrin. But Noah had been a good sport about it, indulging the old woman’s antics with a warmth and relaxed humor that Riley and her mother, watching from across the yard, had found endearing. “Tell your grandmother I said hello,” Noah said now. “I will,” Riley agreed, “if you’ll do me a favor and sit down. ” His mouth twitched as he lowered himself into his chair. ” he murmured. “Better,” Riley said, wondering if it really was.

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