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For ornithologists, usual background lovers, environmentalists, and novice birdwatchers, this revised version of a 1983 publication is vital because the basically single-volume advisor on hand of birds in India. not like related books, which merely disguise one quarter or even then just a small element of species of their zone, this quantity comprises the entire fowl species present in the Indian subcontinent, proven in over a hundred colour plates from famous American poultry painter John Henry Dick. The plates were prepared via kinfolk in systematic order, and the writer presents concise details bearing on prestige, measurement, habitat, and distribution.

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RUFOUSFRONTED WREN-WARBLER Prinia buchanani 1507. HODGSON'S WREN-WARBLER Prinia cinereocapilla 1508. STREAKED WREN-WARBLER Prinia gracilis 1511. PLAIN WREN-WARBLER Prinia subflava 1515. Ssp. stewarti of 1517 1517. ASHY WREN-WARBLER Prinia socialis 1521. JUNGLE WREN-WARBLER Prinia sylvatica 1524. Ssp. sindiana of 1525 1525. YELLOWBELLIED WREN-WARBLER Prinia flaviventris 1527. BROWN HILL WARBLER Prinia criniger 1529. BLACKTHROATED HILL WARBLER Prinia atrogularis 1531. LONGTAILED GRASS WARBLER Prinia burnesii 1532.

RUFOUSFRONTED TIT Aegithalos iouschistos EL. BLlJE-GREYTIT Purris hokhnrensis 1789. 1794. 1798. 1799. 1800. Plate 72(20) 72(18) 72(19) 72(17) Family SITTIDAE: Nuthatches, Creepers Small arboreal climbing birds. Plumage blue, grey with black or brown; usually a dark line and white markings on tail present. Body compact. Bill slender, straight and notched. Tarsi short; toes long; claws laterally compressed. Wings long and pointed; tail short and truncate. Sexes nearly alike. Flight undulating. Climb tree trunks and up and around branches without using tail as support, with jerky hops or obliquely.

Eggs, 4-14. Incubation generally by female. SULTAN TIT Melanochlora sulfanea GREY TIT Parus major WHITEWINGED BLACK TIT Parus nrrchalis GREENBACKED TIT Parus tnonricolus YELLOWBREASTED BLUE TIT or AZURE TIT Parrrs cyanus jlavipecfus 1800a. (TIEN SHAN) YELLOWBREASTED BLUE TIT Parrts cyanrrs fiatlschanicrcs 1802. CRESTED BLACK TiT Parrcs melanolophlrs 1803. COAL TIT Parus arer 1804. BLACK TIT Parrrs rufonuchalis 1805. RUFOUSBELLIED CRESTED TIT Parrts rrrbidivenfris 11108. BROWN CRESTED TIT Parrrs dichrolts 1809.

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