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By Philip K. Hitti (auth.)

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Certain of their emigrants' clubs in North and South America carry the Phoenician name. Hellenistic Phoenicians made a noteworthy contribution to Greek philosophy in its Stoic and Epicurean forms. In fact the founder of Stoicism was a Cyprus-born Phoenician named Zeno (333-261), whose stoa poikile (painted porch), where he lectured in Athens, gave the name to the school. Zeno spoke Greek with an accent and was called Phoenician by his contemporaries. His Republic projected an ideal state having no national boundaries and comprising only full citizens with wives and properties held in common.

Baal in U garitic poems is given the epithet "rider of the clouds"; Jehovah in Psalm 68: 4 is given virtually the same epithet. As a matter of fact this entire Psalm together with Psalm 18 abounds in Canaanitisms. Psalms 88 and 89 have headings expressly attributing them to authors with Canaanite names. Psalm 29 is a modified version of a hymn to Baal. Job 37 : 2-5 makes thunder the 41 A Short Hist01Y of Lebanon voice ofJehovah ; so do Psalm 29 : 3-5 and 2 Samuel 22 : 14. In Canaanite literature leviathan is a "writhing serpent", which it is in Isaiah 27: I.

At the head of a mighty host of 300,000 foot, 30,000 horse and 300 triremes he moved (350) against Sidon. Tennes lost heart. He betrayed the city but did not escape death. Five hundred Sidonian notables carrying the olive branches were shot down by the Persian emperor. The bulk of the people, however, resolved to die as free men. In 49 A Short History of Lebanon desperation they set all ships in the harbour on fire, leaving no way of escape, and shut themselves in their homes to be consumed with their possessions by the raging fire.

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