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From dog to senior - and each degree of existence in among - Positive-Training sequence books supply fanciers savvy suggestion instantly from the specialists.

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He studied the ability to problem-solve in cats and dogs and was especially interested in the comparison of learned behavior occurring through imitation or observation as well as how quickly a mechanical response was repeated once successful. Do animals learn better through trying over and over and by chance getting the desired response? Or can they learn through watching other animals perform? His results formed a “law” of psychology—the law of effect—essentially stating that the closer the reward to the stimulus, the faster the behavior to obtain that reward will occur, whereas behaviors associated with discomfort will become less pronounced.

Once sated, he’ll no longer be motivated to perform. In order to avoid this, very small pieces of treats should be used, or he can learn to perform for his regular meals. This way, you’ll be able to maintain his proper eating habits and weight while he “works for a living” just as he would in the wild. This would so closely resemble his natural instincts that the dog would feel very fulfilled with his learning process. Some dogs tire of the same type of food reward, so it would be a good idea to vary the types used.

SECONDARY NEGATIVE PUNISHER Denying the dog any reaction or reward. This causes the dog to keep throwing out (performing) behaviors, as he hasn’t received a reward or punishment of any kind. SECONDARY REINFORCER These are actions that the receiver has to learn to like. ” SELF-REWARDING BEHAVIOR Anything that gives the dog pleasure without your involvement. Examples: Counter surfing, garbage hunting, jumping up, racing through a door. SHAPING Building a desired behavior through breaking it down into smaller portions, accomplishing those portions and then bringing them together for the complete desired behavior.

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