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How do feminist id and abortion politics intersect? in particular, what does feminism suggest to girls operating to feminist future health care and abortion prone within the overdue Nineteen Eighties and early Nineteen Nineties? What are the ideological outcomes and emotional tolls of doing such paintings in a adverse socio-cultural atmosphere? Can feminism and forms coexist productively? How do feminists confront the anti-feminist competition, from anti-abortion protesters outdoors to racism inside of feminist organizations?

These are the questions that force Wendy Simonds' Abortion at Work. Simonds files the methods in which staff at a feminist medical institution build compelling feminist visions, and likewise watch their beliefs fall brief in perform. Simonds translates those women's narratives to get at how abortion works on feminism, and to exhibit what feminism can achieve by way of rethinking abortion using those activists' phrases. In completely attractive prose, Simonds frames her research with a relocating account of her personal own knowing of the issues.

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These women were resolute, even if regretful, by the time they got to me. I saw only a few women cry during my two years as an abortion counselor and met only one woman who had clearly not made up her mind. I saw an uncountable number of teenagers who didn't enjoy the sex they were having but seemed powerless to stop it and powerless to get their boyfriends to wear condoms. ") I worried about these young women, sleeping with self-absorbed young men who sounded as though they could care less about their girlfriends' sexual pleasure or about preventing pregnancy.

Abortion workers continually worry about restrictive legislation, potential dismantling of procreativerights legislation for women, and the attitudes that foster these threats. I wanted to investigate the personal emotional toll and ideological consequences of doing abortion work in a hostile sociocultural environment. Often, when sociologists enter into communities and begin to get to know them, we become increasingly enmeshed in our research environments. We learn how little we knew to start with.

In 1991, the Center gradually extended the length of gestational time through which abortions were performed, from twenty-one to twenty-six weeks; and it redesigned the way in which first-trimester abortions were staffed by collapsing two jobs (the doctor's assistant and the woman's advocate) into one in order to cut costs. The Organization of This Book Abortion at Work is divided into two parts. Part One, "Feminists Working" (Chapters One through Three), examines the women's narratives about their work routines; situates that work historically within the context of the feminist movement and the anti-feminist countermovement; and describes the ways in which working at the Center influenced the women's thinking about themselves, abortion, and feminism more generally.

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