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2) eV/(atoms/cm2), eV-cmz. In the literature, and especially in some of the earlier experimental work, many different units derived from the above three forms have appeared. In many publications all three are called energy loss or d E / d x . One has to translate the units carefully when comparing one measurement to another. Recently, most authors have adopted d E / N tix (eV-cm2) as the stopping cross section. Experimental physicists formerly used € for this term, that is, E 1 dE N dx = -- (eV-cm2).

24 The term Van de Graaff is now a trademark of the High Voltage Engineering Corporation and therefore the terminology electrostatic accelerator should be used as a general description of such accelerators. 25 H . Naylor, Nucl. Insrr. Merh. 63, 61 (1968). 28 This accelerator was developed by the National Electrostatics Corporation and is designed as a 25 MV accelerator. 10 1. 4. New electrostatic accelerator facility under construction, 1979. 5-MV folded tandem electrostatic accelerator resides inside the huge tower adjacent to the Oak Ridge lsochronous Cyclotron Laboratory.

JETP (1958)l. 0. B. Firsov, Z h . Eksp. Teor. Fiz. 36, 1517 [Engl. , Sov. --JETf (1959)l. I n J . Lindhard. M . Scharff, and H . E. Schistt, Mur. Fys. Mrdd. D u n . Vid. Selsk. 14 (1963). 5, 1192 6, 534 9, 1076 33, No. 2. 29 GENERAL CONCEPTS O F ENERGY LOSS Relativistic effect Perturbation treatment Bethe (Born approximation) Bloch (impact parameter) Cindhard (dielectric method) I I I I I lo-* I 10-1 1 Proton energy (MeV) effect 1 I I lo2 lo3 lo4 FIG. 1. Stopping cross section of protons in silicon.

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