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Responsibility management is greater than a conceptual treatment....It is a realistic procedure, with nice instruments, to spot and increase remarkable leaders and to create an organizational constitution and techniques that advertise responsibility and function. It demystifies the concept of management with a collection of ideas which are transparent and simple to enforce.

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Meanwhile, the pitcher backs up the shortstop in case the throw from the outfielder is high. 32 Accountability Leadership Your average Little Leaguer grasps this. Yet this level of teamworking functionality remains elusive to most managers and employees—for a very simple reason: lack of context. A game, any game, sets the context within which people must function and interact. The rules, boundaries, positions, and plays all contribute to clear context. Within such a clear context, people understand the goal, their role in achieving it, others’ roles in achieving it, the relationships between those roles, permissible moves, and the leader’s expectations governing all of this.

One measure of this complexity is how far out in time an individual in a position is accountable for delivering results. Long-term QQT/ Rs, therefore, determine how far out that person must be thinking and implementing plans. A machine operator, for instance, should be actively concerned with maintaining enough raw materials for his shift or, perhaps, over several shifts. The section’s first-line manager, on the other hand, must think about the materials required for the orders on the books for the next several months.

Consider any team sport and what makes a team great. A star athlete is a wonderful asset. Yet a great team works as a team. Its coach discourages grandstanding, ball-hogging, and selfish play, because he understands that team wins, rather than personal records and achievements, are what really counts at the end of the day. So each player must be aligned with that team goal. Each player also must know his position and remain constantly aware of how his position relates to the other positions in various situations—and always act with his own objectives and the team’s overall objectives, simultaneously, in mind.

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