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However, the cost of hospital admission and also early return to work for parents counters this stance. The psychologic trauma of separation from usual environment, siblings, play toys or equipment has been documented and may be enough to delay a child’s recovery. Problems such as nocturnal enuresis and disrupted sleep patterns have been noted to be decreased with reduction in hospital stay (Brennan & Prabhu, 2003). 10. Complications of laparoscopy The challenges facing the paediatric surgeons with regards to the use of to laparoscopic approach for treatment in children are often peculiar to the particular condition in question and also to the age and size of the patient.

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271–3. ISSN 0090-4295 Park, EY; Koo, BN; Mın, KT. & Nam, SH. (2009). The effect of pneumoperitoneum in the steep Trendelenburg position on cerebral oxygenation. 7, (Aug 2009), pp. 895–899, ISSN 0001-5172 Porzionato, A; Macchi, V; Fenato, F; Parenti, A. & De Caro, RJ. (2008). 1, (Jan- Feb 2008), pp. 105-7, ISSN 1553-4650 Phillips, PA. & Amaral, JF. (2001). Abdominal access complications in laparoscopic surgery. 525–36, ISSN 1072-7515 Planells Roig, M; Arnal Bertomeu, C; Cervera Delgado, M; Garcia Espinosa, R; Sanahuja Santafé, A.

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