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By Harvey M. Rosen M.D., D.M.D (auth.)

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Harvey M. Rosen, M.D., D.M.D., broadens the cultured targets of maxillofacial surgey during this new, accomplished quantity on orthognathic surgical correction. within the paintings, Dr. Rosen, who has "changed the best way so much surgeons paintings at the jaw and chin," (James Ferraro, President of the Maxillofacial Society), deals his personal own recommendations of jaw surgical procedure. as a result of creation of the biotechnical advances that have stabilized skeletal displacement, Dr. Rosen is ready to emphasize the aesthetics of sentimental facial tissue corrections through redefining the objectives of aesthetic surgery.

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One can possibly explain this on the basis of the overwhelmingly positive or favorable perception of physical change among patients and the adequate preoperative preparation of the patient as it relates to both the quality and magnitude of such change. An additional surprising observation has been the lack of correlation between patient age and emotional response. One would expect older individuals to have greater difficulties in adjusting to structural changes in their facial appearance. This has not proven to be the case among my patients.

Unfortunately, occlusal considerations have dominated the treatment planning process, and her facial aesthetics have been completely sacrificed. As a result of a reduction in overall skeletal facial volume, there is now inadequate soft tissue support with relative soft tissue excess and a complete absence of facial angularity, highlighting, and definition. There is a gross disequilibrium between soft tissue mass and skeletal mass. Although this is an unusual and extreme illustration of this principle, other more common and subtle examples of this phenomenon are frequently observed in orthognathic surgery.

Orthognathic surgery is aesthetic surgery. The occlusal result, in this au- C H A PTE R 1 Treatment Planning: Aesthetic Goals 21 POSTOPERATIVE PREOPERATIVE A c B D FIG. 1-11 A short-face patient treated with double-jaw surgery to expand the facial skeleton both sagittally and vertically. Note exquisite enhancement of the soft tissue support creating an angular, defined appearance. : Definitive surgical correction of vertical maxillary deficiency. Plast Reconstr Surg 85:215, 1990. Reprinted with permission.

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