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Some things it was better, perhaps, not to know. It was enough to follow those who knew them. It was good to follow the Way of Chaos, good to have faith in the triumph of something greater than Man. But it was something else again to try to understand the force called Chaos. 57 "It is a simplistic error to equate Chaos with what is vaguely called the Natural State~. " —Gregor Markowitz, The Theory of Social Entropy 4 of the tallest buildings in Greater New York soared a mile into the sky, and there were scores of such man-made mountains.

Along with the spiraling prosperity, it helped to keep the Wards placid. Deimos was maintained as a kind of national park, where a man could be alone with the 40 stars on the little airless rock and feel that he was free. But like all other "freedoms" in the Hegemony, it was pure illusion. Visitors to Phobos were allowed to rent the little Deimos scooters from private agencies. The scooters had just enough power to get from Phobos to Deimos and back again. A man in a scooter might feel that the wide void was his to explore, but the hard reality was that he could go nowhere but to Deimos and back again.

For the millionth time, he wondered how Khustov could keep power—and the answer was the same: five other Councilors believed the same garbage he did. And no wonder, since Obrina, Cordona and Kuryakin had all been selected by the Guardian. "I mean aside from your becoming Coordinator! The League could then boast that they had killed a Coordinator, and over live television to boot. No doubt they had an annunciator-bomb all set to go off as soon as I was dead. " "And the Brotherhood of Assassins robbed them of that pleasure," said Torrence.

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