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By Mahdi Alosh

ISBN-10: 0300058543

ISBN-13: 9780300058543

This textbook is designed to hide the 1st 12 months of guideline in glossy ordinary Arabic. observed by way of an instructor's handbook and an audio programme, it is going to train scholars to learn, communicate, and write Arabic. The textual content offers a fascinating tale that contains Adnan, a Syrian pupil learning within the united states, and Michael, an American scholar learning in Cairo. In diaries, letters, and postcards, the 2 scholars describe their innovations and actions, revealing how a non-American perspectives American tradition and the way the Arabic tradition is skilled via an American pupil. The textual content additionally presents information regarding the geography of the Arab international, well-known characters in historical past, festivities in Arab tradition, the media, way of life, and the family members. routines in comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing attend to either shape and that means and strengthen sensible talents and data concerning the Arabic sound, writing, and language platforms.

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