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For brand spanking new algebra scholars or these looking a refresher, this e-book bargains a chain of straightforward 20-step lesson plans that emphasize quickly studying of sensible, crucial abilities. This up-to-date variation eschews pointless jargon and will get down to the necessities: • assurance of all very important algebra talents, from combining like phrases to fixing quadratic equations • enormous quantities of perform workouts, together with be aware difficulties • An emphasis at the applicability of algebra talents to real-world (and real-work) difficulties • Bonus sections, together with information for getting ready for standardized assessments

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Another person might say 3 + 4 = 7 and 7 · 2 = 14 and 14 + 5 = 19. Actually, both of these answers are wrong! To eliminate the possibility of getting several answers for the same problem, there is a specific order you must follow. This specific order is called order of operations and the steps you follow are: 1. Perform the operations inside grouping symbols such as ( ), { }, and [ ]. The division bar can also act as a grouping symbol. The division bar or fraction bar tells you to do the steps in the numerator and the denominator before you divide.

2ᎏ + ᎏ4ᎏ ______24. 5(–2) – 3(4) ______29. (5)(–2)(–3)(–1) 16 ______25. 8 + ᎏ–ᎏ2 ______30. 7(–2)(0)(–5)(4) Practice Evaluate the following algebraic expressions when a = ᎏ12ᎏ, b = –3, c = 6, d = 12, and e = 2. ______31. abc ______35. 3(b + d) – 4a ______32. 2a + 3c ______36. 2c 2 + 4e ______33. 2(a + b) ______37. –(ᎏbᎏ + 5e) ______34. a(2b + c) ______38. 5(b + e)2 d Skill Building until Next Time To calculate your earnings for a week of work, you multiply the hours worked times the hourly wage.

2x + 2y + 3x – 3y Combine like terms. = 5x – y Example: 2(2x + y) – 3(x + 2y) Use the distributive property to get rid of the parentheses. The subtraction sign in front of the 3 is the same as multiplying (–3)(x) and (–3)(2y). Use the distributive property. 2(2x + y) – 3(x + 2y) Combine like terms. 4x + 2y – 3x – 6y = x – 4y Practice Use the distributive property to simplify the expressions. ______11. 4x + 2(x + y) ______14. 5(x – 2y) + 2(y – x) ______12. 2(a + b) + 6(a + b) ______15. 8(r + s) – 5s + 4r ______13.

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