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By R. Keith Dennis

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10. 11. 12. and R. Pandharipande. Notes on stable W. Fulton maps and quantum cohoAmer. Math. Cruz 1995, pages 45-96. geometry-Santa mology. , Providence, RI, 1997. Math. Res. invariants. Internat. Gromov-Witten A. Givental. Equivariant 1996(13):613-663. Notices, Localization of virtual classes. Invent. T. Graber and R. Pandhaxipande. , 1999. 135:487-518, 13. M. Kontsevich. space of curves of rational Enumeration (Texel Island, 1994), curves via torus pages 335-368. In The moduli actions. Birkhiiuser Boston, Boston, MA, 1995.

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