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By Ferial Jabouri Ghazoul

ISBN-10: 9774245903

ISBN-13: 9789774245909

This factor is dedicated to exploring inventive texts by means of authors from the Arab global, together with KarimAlrawi, Edward acknowledged, Rafik Schami, and Ahdaf Soueif, who write in Dutch, English, French, German, and Hebrew.

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De 1'autre rive], textes reunis, traduits et commentes par 'Abd al-Rashid al-Sadiq Mahmudi (Le Caire: Dar al-Hilal, 1997). On trouve aussi dans Fusul fi l-adab wa-l-naqd d'autres comptes-rendus, plus favorables que celui consacre a Out-el-Koloub, d'ceuvres d'auteurs egyptiens d'expression franchise. 19 "Nous pensons que toute tentative de reduire 1'art moderne, comme le voudraient certains, a un instrument au service d'une religion, d'une race ou d'une nation releve de 1'idiotie. Nous ne voyons quant a nous dans ces mythes reactionnnaires que des prisons pour la pensee.

42 Nevertheless, Mourad Bourboune felt quite strongly that the bilingual issue was a false one, for it obscured the real problem of language itself. Even if a Maghrebi writer used French words, he was not actually using the French language of the Academie Francaise, with its particular syntax and grammar. Therefore, his identity could not be said to be threatened by the use of another's language, because he was not actually using a foreign language. What should matter to a writer was not whose language he spoke, but rather the actual skill of manipulating language itself, any language, to express what he intended.

38 20 (2000) The Debate over Literary Writing in a Foreign Language: An Overview of Francophonie in the Maghreo Anne Armitage I. 1 In the eyes of some critics, the continued use of French raises concerns about the involvement of France, however low-key, in the affairs of their erstwhile colonies and linkage to Francophone societies has sometimes been actively discouraged. 2 However, as a legacy of French acculturation, a significant number of Maghrebi writers use French as their first language to express their identity.

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