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By Albert J. Bernstein

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Dealing with a depressed person like Dina is confusing. One minute, you’re irritated 54 Am I the Only Sane One Working Here? at her for being manipulative, and the next, you’re beating yourself up for having uncharitable thoughts about someone who is obviously in pain. How do you avoid becoming her twenty-four-hour crisis service without being cold and rejecting? Survival Solution 22 How to Keep from Being Sucked into Someone Else’s Depression Here are some ideas that may help: Don’t Be an Amateur Shrink.

Keep Your Ducks in a Row. Know what is going on in your department, and be ready at a moment’s notice to recite facts and figures. Tyrants love to get their information by cross-examining their employees, rather than by listening to presentations. Be ready at any time to give information when subjected to the third degree. Warn Your Family. Let your family know that your boss may ask you to do things at inconvenient times, such as the middle of the night or two days into your vacation. Make sure you share your mixed feelings, and your reasons for staying.

Instead of hoping for a miracle, observe carefully and anticipate attacks. Don’t be disappointed—be prepared. Don’t Wave a Red Flag in Front of a Bull. When someone in authority is unreasonable, we all have the tendency to display the very behaviors that get under his or her skin. ) For example, if your boss is a punctuality nut, coming in two or three minutes late or taking a longer lunch may be temporarily satisfying, but it will leave your boss with a score to settle with you. Follow the rules, no matter how arbitrary.

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