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By Keith Gouveia

A Chilling selection of Werewolf Horror!

"Keith Gouveia deals an impossible to resist buffet of werewolf tales. Succulent and fulfilling, enthusiasts of lycanthropes won’t be ready to withstand digging their enamel into those tales."
~ Lorne Dixon, writer of The uncooked field and Snarl

Animal habit and different stories of Lycanthropy supplies 13 startling stories - a lone wolf wishing to be a mom, a police detective with an animal side at the criminals, immense plans for promenade evening, a usual born werewolf getting to know there's something a ways deadlier stalking the streets, the strenuous trials of boot camp, caged ladies in remoted cabins, lone sharks coming to gather, the easiest Halloween gown cash can’t purchase, and more...

The moon is complete.

The beast is stressed.

Are you courageous sufficient to reply to the decision?

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Jim said, trying to throw them off. I need to get out of here. “As I was about to say, it was dark and shadows can play tricks on the mind, especially in a cemetery. There’s no denying that a large animal is behind this, but your behavior it’s . . off. Why? ” Jim looked the sheriff in the eye. ” “You obviously got fiberglass particles under your nails. ” Come on, just let me off with a warning. The phone rang and the deputy answered. The deputy said nothing, only listened, then finally said, “I’ll tell him.

Tales of lycanthropes have been documented from as early as the 18th century and can be found in all cultures across the globe. Some even consider vampires and werewolves the same. It’s no secret to those who know me that the werewolf is my favorite beasty. As a kid, nothing frightened me more than the half-man-half-wolf. The combined efforts of An American Werewolf in London and The Howling forever sealed the deal and forever changed my mind on the monster. Compared to other genre tropes, the werewolf is far more interesting and menacing.

Yeah,” Mike said. The man ran his hands through his salt and pepper hair. After a hundred years, Jim hadn’t come across anyone who believed the tale of the beast at face value. The rational mind was the main reason why he managed to live for so long. ” he asked. ” “No, sir,” Mike replied. ” “Ah, Mr. and Mrs. Torres, I presume,” said the sheriff as he entered the room. “I’d like to take these kids home,” said Amy’s father. “And you may. I have all I need. ” “Thank you,” her father said. ” They nodded and left.

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