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By Ernest E. Ludwig (Eds.)

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EquilibriumStage Separation Operations in ChemicalEngineering, John Wiley, 0 (1981), p. 43, all rights reserved. Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants 20 ParHal Condenser Qc Product Distillate Product Receiver A Column Conditions : yT = xD B Column Conditions: yD in Equilibrium with xo yT in Equilibrium with Tap Tray D is Liquid Total Condenser yD is Vapor D is Vapor Product Partial Condenser acts as One Plate with yo in Equilibriumwith Top Tray Condensate. ~0 Partial Condenser Figure 8-13.

Used by permission, The American Chemical Society, Smoker, E. , Ind. Eng. Chern V. 34 (1942), p. 0. K i = y i / x i , that is, mol fraction of i in vapor phase mol fraction of i in liquid phase aab = K Jh= relative volatility of components a to b - (8- 34) As previously discussed, the charts of K values are available, but do apply primarily to hydrocarbon systems. Reference 79 presents important other data on K value relationships. See Figures 84A and 8 4 B for charts with pressure effects included (not ideal, but practical charts).

It is not necessarily the point of least cost for all operating costs, fabrication costs or types of trays. A cost study should be made to determine the merits of moving to one side or other of the so-called optimum point. 6. Do not round-off decimal or fractions of trays until after efficiency has been included. Actual Reflux Ratio, LID Figure 8-28. Relationship of reflux ratio and theoretical trays, for Example 8-12. 2 Round-off to: 40 trays plus reboiler plus total condenser. Note: If there is any reason to know that the efficiency of this system is usually lower (or in same chemical family), then either the efficiency should be reduced to account for this or the trays should have an additional allowance.

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