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By Alyssa Day

ISBN-10: 0425214494

ISBN-13: 9780425214497

11 thousand years in the past, sooner than the seas swallowed the Atlanteans, Poseidon assigned a couple of selected warriors to behave as sentinels for people within the new international. there has been just one rule-desiring them was once forbidden. yet ideas have been made to be broken... while she calls... Riley Dawson is greater than a devoted Virginia seashore social employee. She's blessed with a brain hyperlink that purely Atlanteans were in a position to entry for hundreds of thousands of years. Being an "empath" may possibly clarify her wistful connection to the roiling waves of the sea, the sanctuary it presents, and the sexual urges that appear to emanate from fathoms below... he'll come. Conlan, the excessive Prince of Atlantis, has surfaced on a undertaking to retrieve Poseidon's stolen trident. but whatever else has possessed Conlan: the intimate emotions-and desires-of a human. Irresistibly attracted to the uncanny good looks, Conlan quickly stocks greater than his brain. yet in the middle of a conflict to reclaim Poseidon's energy, how lengthy can a forbidden love final among varied souls from assorted worlds?

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Unsurprising for a more than nine-hundred-year-old vampire, but inconvenient nonetheless. Barrabas stood up in a movement of pure blurred speed that might have terrified the chained Iowan, if one of the women hadn't just sliced through his jugular. "Good politicians are so hard to find these days," Barrabas observed. " Stepping around the spray of blood and inhaling the thick, coppery smell with pleasure, Barrabas waved a hand to his general. "I have a more important task for you, my second. I need another telepath.

But you have a right to know. " Except now he was talking about a personal weakness. A weakness in the heir to the throne. Atlantean political strategy would demand he keep silent. Atlantean battle strategy would demand that he reveal all. He measured Ven and Alaric with his gaze. Ven was family, and Alaric had been Conlan's friend since childhood. Conlan had never concealed any truth from either of them. Yet, as he gazed into the fierce green glow of power shining in the priest's eyes, Conlan came to an unpleasant realization: he wasn't entirely sure Alaric could say the same.

As if reading his prince's mind, Alaric bared his teeth in a cold pretense of a smile. " The agreement threw him off. "You heard me," Alaric returned, face expressionless. "You want to follow this human to her home to ensure her safety. You demand we transport her to Atlantis as your… guest. " Ven exploded. "Great. Now I have two of you out of your freaking minds. " Alaric's gaze shifted smoothly to Ven, and something whispering of deadly danger shimmered in his eyes. "I am high priest to the sea god now, Lord Vengeance.

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