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Greater than 60 treasures of Korean cooking are printed via easy-to-follow recipes and gorgeous images. research from best Korean cooks find out how to create all-time favorites like pork bulgolgi, fowl and ginseng, and highly spiced kimchi, in addition to different scrumptious and easy-to-prepare dishes similar to gujeolpan (nine-sectioned royal platter), bibimbap (steamed rice with greens and pink chili paste), and Korean Thanksgiving rice tarts. including to the reader's entertainment are beautiful situation images, targeted details on components, and insights into Korean tradition.

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Dried bracken should be rinsed and soaked overnight (see recipe on page 60). Look for fresh or dried bracken in Korean specialty stores, or substitute with baby asparagus, which has a similar woody texture and flavor. Chili peppers called for in this book are finger-length Asian chilies with medium heat. Dried chili flakes are made by coarsely crushing sundried red chilies. Korean ground red pepper is made by deseeding dried red chilies, then grinding them to a powder, and the color is darker and the flavor richer than other ground peppers.

Precooked whitebait are sold in packets in the refrigerated section. Larger dried whitebait or anchovies (about 2 in/5 cm) in length, are sold whole or halved into fillets. They are used to make a healthy and delicious soup stock. Authentic Korean Recipes Planning a Korean meal Korean meals are usually shared family-style; and many small plates containing side dishes of kimchi, namu (seasoned vegetables) and sauces are usually placed in the center of the dining table alongside the main dishes for everyone to help themselves.

935). Annual green tea festivals are still held in green tea plantations in Boseonggun, Gyeongsangnamdo, Jeollanamdo and Hadonggun. Teahouses in Korea offer a wide variety of teas in elegant antique interiors against a backdrop of traditional Korean music. Free tea tastings are sometimes also conducted. Sweet desserts to be served with tea, particularly on festive occasions, include deep-fried cereals (yugwa); roots or fruit stewed in honey or sugar syrup (jeongwa); honey-nut nougat; and steamed rice and nuts in sesame oil and honey (dasik).

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