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By Lori Foster

Going after philandering husbands is inner most investigator Gretchen Wiest's traditional gig, yet she's by no means had one kidnap her--or depart her susceptible with appeal. The ruggedly good-looking Adam Stone is not any two-timing husband yet a unmarried whistle blower at the run from decided hit males after the facts he is secretly stashed in Vegas. Now, Gretchen and Adam are in for a wild trip, posing as a pair on their technique to the Elvis chapel of affection. yet in a urban of brilliant lighting, little garments, and vibrating beds, it really is challenging to withstand the temptation of all-night pleasure...

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I've known Anabel for three years, and I'll admit I've thought about her in a lot of different ways. " Pete bobbed his eyebrows and Sam grinned. "But not once did I ever consider her the type of woman to marry. " Pete asked. " "Damn tattoo," Nicki repeated, making Gil groan and giving both Pete and Sam a chuckle. " Nicki just stared up at Gil until he sighed. " Like a flash, Nicki left the dubious enjoyment of Gil's foot to study the backyard. He'd have finger and nose prints on the glass, but Anabel knew he wouldn't mind.

It's not like she's got a giant rattlesnake or the words 'I love Killer' emblazoned on her arm. It's tasteful and feminine. " "Maybe I'll suggest that Ariel get one. " Sam turned to Anabel. "Ariel is my wife, and she's dying to meet you and Nicole. In fact, I'd be surprised if she and my mother didn't finagle an invite for later today. " Gil rounded on him. "Forget it, Pete. " "All right, all right. Sheesh. No reason to breathe fire on me. " Sam began serving up breakfast. "Hey, Nicki, Uncle Sam has your pancakes ready.

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