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If Suzi ate 23 of hers and Dien ate of one chocolate bar remained if they put the uneaten portions together? 4 9 of his, what fraction 18 Pieta was hiking between the alpine villages A and B. When she had travelled 59 of the distance between A and B, bad weather caused her to return to the half-way hut. a What fraction of the distance between A and B did Pieta walk when she returned to the hut? b On the following day, Pieta continued her hike. When Pieta reached B, what fraction of the distance between A and B had she travelled whilst hiking?

10 Mark helps his family by walking the dog every second night and cooking dinner every third night. On Monday he walks the dog and cooks dinner. How long will it be before he walks the dog and cooks dinner on the same night again? 11 Anna runs a 400 m lap in 80 seconds. Jessica takes 90 seconds to complete a 400 m lap. If they start running together, after how many seconds will they complete a lap together? One operation after another DEMO Extension in A number is fed into the number crunching machine.

A What fraction of an hour has it turned through? b What fraction of a revolution has it turned through? c How many degrees has it turned through? 15 Cindy picked 6 kg of apples. She used 3 12 kg for cooking and 3 4 kg for eating. The remainder were fed to her horse. a What weight of apples did Cindy use? b What weight of apples did the horse eat? 16 a Uncle Tom gave his 5 nephews $60 to share equally between them. i What fraction of the money did each receive? ii How much did each receive? b If Uncle Tom had given his 5 nephews $60 with the instruction that the eldest nephew was to receive twice as much as each of the others, i what fraction would the eldest receive ii what fraction would each of the others receive iii how much would the eldest receive?

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