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Here, Daniel A. Hart analyzes the result of a radical twenty-year longitudinal learn of men's improvement. Integrating quite a lot of study methods, Hart assesses character trait, structural-developmental, and crisis-transformational elements within the examine of lives over the years. the writer then develops an unique framework for knowing the mental similarities and ameliorations in men's lives.

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Consequently, Erikson believes that the process of development is a predictable sequence of negotiations between the individual and the enveloping social context. Four of Erikson's tasks have relevance for the period of life considered in this book. The first task, salient in childhood, is to develop a sense of industry. The child seeks to become a productive member of a social institution valued by the culture in which he lives. For children in the United States this often translates into a desire to perform well in school (Erikson, 1963), but other pursuits-sports, artistic endeavors, Boy Scouts, to name a few-may offer the same opportunity to develop a sense of competence and productivity.

An adult might argue that Heinz should break the law and steal the drug in order to save his wife's life because his wife's right to life supersedes society's interest in protecting property. In his earliest work Kohlberg (1958) believed that the aforementioned stage descriptions were idealized abstractions that bore no necessary relationship to the actual cognitive processes people used in moral judgment. The advantage of this position is that it permits persons to be described in terms of a profile of stages.

This process permits the informed judgments of the rater to be reflected in a stand- 20 CHAPTER 1 ard terminology. By having a number of raters examine the materials for each subject, Block was able to obtain average descriptions of subjects and eliminate the biases that would emerge from descriptions by any single rater. Block found considerable continuity in the group of men in his study. The transition from early to late adolescence was marked by continuity in the extent to which the boys were expressive, compassionate, resilient, and able to rebound from stress and in the extent to which a cognitive orientation toward life was evident.

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