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By Giulio Zambon

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Because the majority of Java builders are just Web-tier builders; Java applied sciences like JavaServer Pages (JSP), JavaServer Faces (JSF), and Apache Tomcat are often appropriate and proper to their wishes. starting JSP, JSF and Tomcat: From amateur to specialist is the 1st and even perhaps in simple terms starting point booklet of its type combining the certainly complimentary JSP, JSF and Tomcat net applied sciences into one consolidated therapy for builders targeting simply Java net software improvement and deployment. This e-book is examples-driven utilizing a realistic, real-work e-commerce case examine and situation all through booklet.

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In fact, you could have dispensed with the package statement altogether and placed your classes directly inside the classes folder. Finally, you could have also created a JAR file. Tomcat automatically converts your JSP files into Java classes the first time they’re needed, but before you’re ready to go, you still need to write an additional file where you describe the structure of your application to Tomcat. xml and placed in WEB-INF, as you can see in Listing 1-11. Listing 1-11. ShoppingServlet EBookshopServlet /eshop The two crucial lines are those highlighted in bold.

This should clarify how the mix of HTML and Java is achieved in a JSP page. As the variable out is defined in each servlet, you can use it within any JSP module to insert something into the response. Another such “global” JSP variable is request (of type HttpServletRequest). The request contains the IP address from which the request was originated—that is, of the remote computer with the browser (remember that this code runs on the server). To extract the address from the request, you only need to execute its method getRemoteAddr().

We then introduced servlet and JSP technologies and explained what role they play in a web server. We showed you a simple HTML page and how you can begin to add dynamic content to it with JSP. Next, we described how JSP-based applications are structured. Using the Ebookshop sample application, we showed a practical example of the MVC architecture. Finally, we introduced you to Tomcat and described how to install the Ebookshop application. We covered a lot of ground in this chapter, showing you all the parts of a small working web application.

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