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Rtjat (m) , ixxurtjata (f) , ixxurtjati (pi) dedlkat (m) , dedikata (f) , dedikati (pi) dipendenti indipendenti genitu r (m & f) , genituri (pi) investiment (m) , investimenti (pi) edukazzjoni (f) tajjeb/alijar/I-alijar 'il quddiem popol azzjoni maq rut (m) , imqaret (pi) bionn it-Ual tat-Ual b'hekk emigrazzjoni (f) lingwa (f), lingwi (pi) noon/twelve o'clock the time what is the time ? g. How many minutes are there in half an hour? Tletin minuta. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. How How How How How How many many many many many many months are there in one year?

Jnobbu I-klieb u I-qtates. 12. .... nifhmu I-Iezzjoni tal-Malti. 48 Word List kiesan (m), kiesna (f) , kesnin (pi) flaxix frotta (f), frott (pi) flelwa (f), nelu (pi) stagun (m) , staguni (pi) xahar (m), xhur (pi) numru (m), numri (pi) flafna dan (m), din (f) , dawn (pi) dak (m), dik (f), dawk (pi) gardinar (m), gardinara (pi) eiami (m), eiamijiet (pi) lezzjoni (m) , lezzjonijiet (pi) futbol difficli (m & f, Sing & pi) flimkien hemmhekk storbju Milied Ghid laringa (f), laring (pi) ittra (f) , ittri (pi) karrotta (f) , karrotti (pi) langasa (f) , langas (pi) cold vegetables fruits sweets seasons months numbers much; a lot of; many this/these that/those gardeners examinations lessons football difficult together there noise Christmas Easter oranges letters carrots · pears 49 11 Exercise Five II-kuluri the colours Express in Maltese: anmar (m), namra (f), nomor (pi) alldar (m), nadra (f) , nodor (pi) iswed (m), sewda (f) , suwed (pi) abjad (m) , bajda (f) , bojod (pi) isfar (m) , safra (f), sofor (pi) iknal (m) , kanla (f), konol (pi) griz (m) , griza (f), grizi (pi) kannella (m & f, sing & pi) roza (m & f, sing & pi) red green black white yellow blue gray brown pink L-istaguni the seasons ir-rebbiegna (f) is-sajf (m) il-narifa (f) ix-xitwa (f) spring summer autumn winter 1.

3. 4. 5. Exercise Three Iva yes; fern happiness; pranzu lunch ; medi6ina a medicine; kif how, isfar yellow, eiempju example; anmar I red; luminata a lemonade; bajda an egg; tiegni mine; tiegnu his; fejn where; dgnajsa a boat, gnuda a wood; mija a hundred; dija brightness; kewkba a star, qawsalla a rainbow. 85 LESSON FOUR Exercise Five Exercise One 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. A vase vaiun; a table mejda; a chair siggu; a garden gnien; a wasp iuniana ; a sea banar, a key cavetta; a boat dgflajsa ; a flower fjura ; yellow isfa r, red anmar, a bird gnasfur, a shop nanut, a fire nar, a man/husband ragel; sugar zokkor, oil iejt, an ear widna; a girl/daughter titla ; a bed sodda.

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