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One in every of Soren Kierkegaard's most crucial writings, Works of affection is a profound exam of the human center, during which the nice thinker conducts the reader into the inmost secrets and techniques of affection. "Deep inside each man," Kierkegaard writes, "there lies the dread of being by myself on the planet, forgotten through God, missed one of the loved ones of thousands upon hundreds of thousands.

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THIS publication represents the fruition of 4 years' exertions so much of it, thankfully, a exertions of affection. the assumption of translating those papers, originating with Ernest Angel, used to be welcomed by way of simple Books due to their enthusiasm for bringing out major new fabric within the sciences of guy. i used to be blissful to just accept their invitation to take part as one of many editors when you consider that I, too, had lengthy been confident of the significance of constructing those works on hand in English, relatively at this important second within the improvement of contemporary psychiatry and psychology.

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Or, more precisely, I would say, the inferior and superior objects are in a certain sense in me because our or my psychological 34 Bergson and Phenomenology duration is a composite part of the duration; my psychological duration is in the whole duration. Following the interlocking composite parts that are for one another, we ‘indefinitely,’ Bergson says, ‘dilate ourselves by a more and more vigorous effort and in both cases [both upward and downward] we transcend [transcendons] ourselves’ (PM 187/1419).

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4 The real duration We have seen that psychological analysis results in a schema or concept (in the literal sense), which is immobile, for example, the schema of a simple sensation. However, we have also seen that there is no psychic state which does not change at every instant, since there is no consciousness without memory, since there is ‘no continuation of a state without the addition, to the present feeling, of the memory of past moments’ (PM 179/1411). This is Bergson’s definition of the duration: the continuous life of a memory [une mémoire] which prolongs the past into the present, whether the present distinctly encloses the ever-growing An Introduction to Bergson’s ‘Introduction to Metaphysics’ 33 image of the past, or whether, by its continual changing of quality, it attests rather the increasingly heavy burden dragged along behind one the older one grows.

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