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The authoritative details and suggestion you would like, illustrated all through with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be much more reader-friendly! often called the ''Siamese combating Fish,'' the gorgeous Betta, with vibrant colours and lengthy fins (in males), has enthralling beauty and style. but Bettas can struggle and chunk, so you should retain only one in a tank. This consultant is helping you with every little thing from getting ready in your Betta to retaining an atmosphere the place it's going to thrive. It covers: * constructing an enticing aquarium * vegetation for the Betta tank * identifying non-aggressive tankmates * conserving a fit tank and fit fish * Feeding your Betta * Breeding your Betta maintaining a Betta is the ideal creation to retaining tropical fish, a soothing, worthwhile pastime all people can take pleasure in.

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You’ll need to buy double that (70 pounds) for 2 inches of substrate. Filtration Systems Filters play an essential role in the biological cycle of your Betta’s aquarium. At its most basic, an aquarium filter system promotes biological filtration and removes debris from the water. Some filters can perform mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration all at the same time. ) Because most models release water bubbles, they also aerate the water. Corner Box Filter Biological, Chemical, Mechanical Filtration One of the oldest devices in the aquarium hobby, the corner box filter was originally designed for small aquariums.

If you have no plants, a single tube will do. qxp 3/8/06 12:32 PM Page 53 Chapter 4 Understanding Aquarium Equipment Extra Aquarium Equipment These extra items might come in handy for your aquarium. Scissors Plastic household scouring pads Scrub brush Plastic buckets Assorted sponges Extra towels It’s best to have separate cleaning buckets, sponges, and brushes that you use only for your aquarium. This way, there will be no residue of toxic household cleaners that might harm your fish. Plan on replacing fluorescent tubes once a year, whether or not they have burned out, because they grow dimmer with time.

Filters are often designed to provide additional surfaces for colonization by bacteria to maximize the effect of biological filtration. Chemical Filtration Chemical filtration is the removal of dissolved compounds from the water. For example, aquarium filters often include a compartment that holds activated carbon to absorb dissolved minerals as water passes through the filter. Various other filter media can also be used to remove undesirable compounds. Mechanical Filtration Mechanical filtration is the removal of particulate debris.

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