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Ladies in Victorian England wore jewellery made of every one other's hair and wrote poems celebrating many years of friendship. They pored over magazines that defined the damaging pleasures of corporal punishment. a number of had sexual relationships with one another, exchanged earrings and vows, willed one another estate, and lived jointly in long term partnerships defined as marriages. yet, as Sharon Marcus exhibits, those girls weren't obvious as gender outlaws. Their wishes have been fanned by way of shopper tradition, and their friendships and unions have been authorized or even inspired by means of relations, society, and church. faraway from being sexless angels outlined basically by way of male wishes, Victorian ladies overtly loved or even dominating different girls. Their friendships helped detect the proper of companionate love among women and men celebrated via novels, and their unions inspired politicians and social thinkers to reform marriage law.

via a detailed exam of literature, memoirs, letters, household magazines, and political debates, Marcus finds how relationships among ladies have been a very important section of femininity. Deeply researched, powerfully argued, and full of unique readings of widely used and remarkable assets, Between Women overturns every thing we suggestion we knew approximately Victorian ladies and the historical past of marriage and family members existence. It bargains a brand new paradigm for theorizing gender and sexuality--not simply within the Victorian interval, yet in our own.

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