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By Laura Sjoberg, Caron E. Gentry

ISBN-10: 1783602104

ISBN-13: 9781783602100

Beyond moms, Monsters, Whores takes the recommendation in Mothers, Monsters, Whores that you will need to see genderings in characterizations of violent ladies, and to take advantage of critique of these genderings to retheorize person violence in worldwide politics. It starts off via demonstrating the interdependence of the private and overseas degrees of world politics in violent women's lives, yet then indicates that this interdependence is inaccurately depicted in gender-subordinating narratives of women's violence. Such narratives, the authors argue, aren't simply normatively challenging at the floor but in addition intersect with different identifiers, resembling race, faith, and geopolitical place.

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When women are described as at all narcissistic, their narcissism is characterized as directed internally (to a vanity of person or dress) while men’s narcissism is described as outward (aiming at the approval of others) (Marcus 1978). Female narcissism is also talked about as a ‘castration complex’: finding ‘that women view themselves as inferior and their genitals as repugnant as understood in terms of 40 | two their ­anxieties concerning fantasies of castration … to compensate for their loss …’.

66). : 68). : 59). Psychoanalytic theories of people’s violence have appropriated this sex-specific notion of instincts for violence, characterizing aggression as an ‘inherited instinct’ of ‘man’ which is fundamentally biological in nature (Berkowitz 1990: 25, 27). This approach, unlike rational choice theorizing, suggests that a person’s decision-making has very little to do with their participation in violence. This sets up violent theories of political violence | 37 behaviour as a foil to agency – whereby people are driven by (sexed and gendered) instincts rather than choices.

Rather than turning to an alternative theory of why people commit political violence or how decisions to engage in political violence are made, however, we suggest a strategy of subversive resignification of the subjects of women and political violence. Looking to use subversive resignification both to question traditional meanings and to explore alternative characterizations, we discuss some substantive and strategic moves deployed in existing scholarship and available for future scholarship. We end the book by thinking about the future structure and function of a pairing between feminist politics and subversive resignification of women, gender and political violence.

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