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By Angela Y. Davis

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The writer of "Women, Race and Class" means that "Ma" Rainey, Bessie Smith, and Billie vacation characterize a black working-class, feminist ideology and historic recognition. Davis' illuminating research of the songs played through those artists presents readers with a compelling and transformative realizing in their musical and social contributions and in their relation to either the African-American neighborhood and American tradition. of photographs.

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13 14 15 United Charities of Chicago, headed the staff of the Metropolitan Housing Council, and was executive secretary of the Illinois State Housing Board (Meyerson & Banfield, 1955). Robert Taylor was secretary–treasurer of the Illinois Federal Savings and Loan Association, which encouraged black home ownership, and worked as manager of the Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments, an early philanthropic housing development for low-income families (Bowley, 1978). All housing authorities did not set such goals.

By 1977, less than half of all black children lived with both parents (Rodgers-Rose, 1980). In CHA developments, by 1972, only 6% of children lived with both parents. Two of the 15 older-generation compared with 6 of the 8 young-generation activists secured paid work through their volunteer efforts. Struggles for Homeplace 19 access to take advantage of white-collar jobs in the urban periphery. As a result: Lodged in the unskilled, service, and operative sectors, they experienced far greater job attrition than other demographic groups in the 1960s.

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