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C) –3 + (–8) = –(3 + 8) = –11 Guided Practice Rewrite the following subtractions as additions: 1. 9 – 6 2. 10 – 4 3. –4 – (–10) 5. –3 + (–10) 6. –a – (–a) Evaluate the following: 4. 6 – (–5) Di vision Means Multipl ying b y a R ecipr ocal Division Multiplying by Recipr eciprocal Check it out: The reciprocal is another name for the multiplicative inverse. Division is the inverse operation of multiplication. It’s defined as multiplication by a reciprocal. So to divide b by a (that is, to find b ÷ a), you multiply b by a–1.

There are a lot of rules written out in this Topic, so take care. 0: Students under stand understand and use suc h oper a tions as such opera taking the opposite, finding the rrecipr ecipr ocal, taking a rroot, oot, eciprocal, and rraising aising to a fr actional fractional y under stand po wer hey understand pow er.. The and use the rules of exponents xponents.. What it means for you: You’ll learn about the rules of exponents. Power s ar e R epea ted Multiplica tions ers are Re peated Multiplications A power is a multiplication in which all the factors are the same.

Independent Practice Find the opposite. 1. –4 2. –a 3. g + 5 Solve each equation. 6. x + 1 = 0 7. y – 4 = 0 4. t – 6 5. –b + 8 8. y(y + 2) = 0 9. t(t – 3) = 0 Round Up These rules might just sound like common sense — but it’s important to write statements in formal math-speak to prove that they’re true. You’ll use these rules throughout Algebra I. 9 The R eal Number Axioms Real California Standards: Most of what has been covered in this Section has been about the axioms (or postulates) of the real number system.

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