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By Linda P. Case, Leighann Daristotle, Michael G. Hayek, Melody Foess Raasch

ISBN-10: 0323066194

ISBN-13: 9780323066198

How good are you able to resolution puppy owners' questions about right vitamin and feeding? Canine and pussycat meals, third Edition describes the position of food and its results upon future health and wellbeing and the nutritional administration of assorted issues of canine and cats. through the use of the book's state-of-the-art examine and scientific foodstuff info, you'll be capable of make thoughts of acceptable dog food and correct feeding guidance. puppy foodstuff specialists Linda P. Case, MS, Leighann Daristotle, DVM, PhD, Michael G. Hayek, PhD, and Melody Foess Raasch, DVM, supply whole, head-to-tail insurance and a wide scope of information, so that you will help puppy and cat proprietors make sound food and feeding offerings to advertise their pets' health to delay their lives.
* Tables and boxes offer speedy connection with an important medical information.
* Key points summarize crucial info at a glance.
* A useful dietary Myths and Feeding Practices chapter dispels and corrects universal meals myths.

* New scientific information covers a variety of rising food subject matters together with the function of the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid households in puppy overall healthiness and illness administration.
* Coverage of dog food protection and dog food ingredients contains either commercially and home-prepared meals and offers solutions to puppy owners' questions about those issues.
* Completely up to date content material reflects the most recent findings in scientific nutrients examine.
* Information relating to practical constituents and nutritional supplementation offers a scientifically established intent for recommending or advising opposed to supplements.
* Guidelines for figuring out dog food formulations and future health claims differentiate among "market-speak" and real medical advantages for sufferers, with perform recommendation for comparing and choosing applicable meals.

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Extra info for Canine and Feline Nutrition: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals (3rd Edition)

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Rhodopsin is a light-sensitive pigment that enables the eye to adapt to changes in light intensity. When exposed to light, rhodopsin splits into retinal and opsin, and the energy that is released produces nerve transmissions to the optic nerve. In the dark, rhodopsin can then be regenerated by the combination of new retinal and opsin molecules. During periods of vitamin A deficiency, less retinal is available to regenerate rhodopsin; thus the rods of the eye become increasingly sensitive to light changes, which eventually results in night blindness.

In addition, microbial synthesis of riboflavin occurs in the large intestine of most species. The quantity that is synthesized appears to depend on both the species of animal and the level of carbohydrate that is fed. However, the extent to which this source contributes to the daily riboflavin requirement of the dog and cat is unknown. Niacin Niacin (nicotinic acid) is closely associated with riboflavin in cellular oxidation-reduction enzyme systems. After absorption, niacin is rapidly converted by the body into nicotinamide, the metabolically active form of the vitamin.

Chief storage sites for iron in the body are the liver, spleen, and bone marrow. Most animals are very efficient at conserving iron, so losses of this mineral from the body are minimal. The iron of hemoglobin is recycled and reused when red blood cells are catabolized, and only minute amounts are lost by renal excretion. As a result, the requirement for iron only increases drastically during periods of unusual blood loss, such as in cases of parturition, major surgery, injury, or severe parasitic infection or gastrointestinal disease.

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