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By Ralf Heselhaus, Matthais Schmidt

ISBN-10: 0793802865

ISBN-13: 9780793802869

Caribbean Anoles (Herpetology sequence) [Jan 01, 1996] Heselhaus, Ralf and Schmidt, Matthais ...

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Though it is not unlikely that they do deserve species status. they are not detailed here. See Schwartz and Henderson. 1991. Amphibians and Reptiles oj the West Indies. Descriptions. Distributions. and Natural History (Univ. Florida Press), for a full discussion of all the species of the Antilles and lists of their subspecies. Additional species and subspecies probably will have been described by the time you read this book. so no list of Caribbean anoles can be complete for very long. In the listing.

The range extends into the ranges of Anolis marmoratus girajus, Anolis marmoratus alliaceus, and Anolis marmoratus speciosus, and a considerable mixing of the varieties occurs. Accordingly, the safe identification of the subspecies in the transitional zone is quite difficult. Anolis marmoratus setosus lives preferentially on the edges of towns in the vicinity of buildings as well as in open forests along the coast. The biotope is not as arid as that on ANOLE SPECIES Grande-Terre, and the vegetation consists largely of extensive wooded areas.

The anoles need good hiding places as well as suitable basking sites, which absolutely must be dry. A relative humidity between 60 and 80 percent and temperatures of about 27°C (81 °F) are necessary for 51 keeping Anolis roquet roquet in good health. When the anoles are fed a good and varied diet they are easy to breed. Copulation usually takes place in the morning hours, and about 45 days later the females bury their two eggs in the loose substrate. The young hatch after about six weeks and are easy to rear with tiny insects.

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