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By Emma Holly

ISBN-10: 0515135305

ISBN-13: 9780515135305

ISBN-10: 0786544597

ISBN-13: 9780786544592

Within the Scottish wooden, a extended family of immortal shape-shifting wolves takes in an orphan woman, Gillian, as one among their very own. but if she matures right into a attractive girl and falls for an insignificant mortal, her woodland relatives and new lover are plunged right into a fiery, passionate fight to assert Gillian's center, physique, and soul...

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She had never read anyone this distinctly. Obviously, mortals did not have the same defenses as upyr. Sleep, she thought at him in experiment. Dream sweet and deep. To her delight, the boy relaxed more profoundly, his mouth curving in a smile. Since her change, she had attempted such things on her own kind but to no effect. Unbeknownst to her, the efforts must have strengthened her gift. This, she thought, was a very convenient talent. Confident she would not be interrupted, she moved to the bed and slipped inside its curtains.

Unnervingly, her head was turned directly toward him. He could see her sutures were clean. Despite this, he could not shake his unease. " he murmured, stroking the sleek brown feathers of her breast. Strange. He could have sworn she had more down this morning. Roused by his voice, Princess ruffled her wings. Aimery reached for his satchel of tools, then shook his head. Generations of falconers had trained their charges by the method he had used. Was he going to go against their experience for a dream?

Fair of hair and blue of eye, with the womanly shape of a Bible temptress, she made the most of her herbal skills. Though nearing thirty, her rose-petal skin was as smooth as it had been ten years before. If her spirit had matched her form, her pursuit of Aimery would have been a far different trial. "My lady," he said, and politely inclined his neck. Beneath her pink velvet kirtle and pale green surcoat, her belly was slightly rounded with Edmund's child. Lady Blythe, Claris's cousin and sycophant, stopped a few paces behind, gaping as worshipfully as if Aimery and Claris were characters from a tale.

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