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5). Antigens and antibodies circulate in the blood; after 34 . CHALLENGE OF AIDS separating the serum from the cellular portion of the blood, serological tests are carried out to detect their presence. Serological markers according to the time of their appearance are shown in Fig. 12. Within two to four weeks after exposure to HIV, viral particles and/or the major core antigen (p24) could be detected in the blood. During this phase, antibodies are not detectable. This initial phase of HIV infection without detectable antibodies, but with the virus (antigen) transiently present in the blood, is known as the window period.

The virus was recognized as a lentivirus and was given the name of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The virus seems to have emerged from the unknown, but has now made itself known all over the world. Epilogue I). In 1985, a different though related virus, called HIV-2, was isolated in France (obtained in a laboratory) from a Portuguese man suffering from AIDS. The first type, HIV-1 is prevalent in most of the industrialized Western world, including Australia and New Zealand and also in Asia, Americas and central Africa.

The eight to ten genes express structural and regulatory proteins. The former constitute the viral structure. The major internal structural protein has a molecular weight of 24,000 Fig- 11 : Highly magnified HIV-1 on a T-helper cell. 32 . CHALLENGE OF AIDS and is called p24 (Fig. 10). The p l 7 (pl8) core protein covers the internal surface of the envelope. The envelope is a two-layered lipid or fatty coat. The lipid material is derived from the outer membrane of the host cell acquired during the budding process.

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