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Tony is a data gatherer, a low-level demon who likes his activity and his perks at the earthly airplane, thanks. He does not want human demon-hunters like Salter putting round and making hassle, regardless of how appealing they're. Or how able. Or scorching, with their leather-based and gun-toting ways.Salter wishes Tony's support, although, to discover a demon even an skilled hunter cannot tackle on my own. either Tony and Salter are used to operating solo, yet they're going to need to turn into a group to tackle a demon just like the Tail and his cronies. Can Salter persuade Tony that it is worthy his whereas to play alongside?

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The man smiled, and it was sorta terrifying, all those teeth, some sharp, some black with decay. " He didn't mention Tony. The way Tony was hanging back, Salter thought maybe the demon preferred staying out of this. "Ah. " The smile widened. " What kind of an answer was that? " "Because if I have to choose between offending you and offending Fosse? " 38 Chasing Tail by Lorne Rodman It was good to know Edith could be intimidated. "You've got that backward, friend. Fosse's not going to be sticking around.

He could get the guy to tell him anything. He finally couldn't wait any longer—he wanted in with his cock. He pulled his fingers out and slicked up his prick. " "Yes. Yeah. Si. Oui. " Look who could be profane all of a sudden. " He lined up and began to push in. A long, low curse sounded. Salter knew it was a curse, even if it wasn't English. Or human. Then Tony sank back, taking him deep-deep. "Fuck! Damn. " He groaned, Tony tight around his cock. 60 Chasing Tail by Lorne Rodman "Probably. " Salter chuckled.

He took Tony's hand with his and used the other to hold up his leather pants. Tony's fingers were long and slender, not like his meaty paws at all. The rest of Tony seemed tiny compared to him, too, except that thick red cock. It was kind of stunning. As soon as they were in Tony's little bathroom, he began stripping the demon, eager to see. Tony was pretty well cut under there, muscles from a gym, maybe. The skin was oddly colored, though, with a tracery of blue veins standing out all over. It wasn't off-putting, though.

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