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The learn-by-doing approach to grasp Trigonometry Why CliffsStudySolver publications? elect the identify you recognize and belief Get the data you need--fast! Written by means of academics and academic experts Get the concise evaluate fabrics and perform you want to research Trigonometry, together with: reasons of All components and rules * Angles and quadrants * Graphs of trigonometric capabilities * Trigonometry of triangles * Trigonometric identities * Vectors * Polar coordinates and intricate numbers * Inverse services, equations, and movement Strategic examine Aids * transparent, concise reports of each subject * precis of formulation * desk of trigonometric services * word list * fabrics designed for top university and school scholars Problem-Solving procedure and instruments * Diagnostic pretest to pinpoint components that want additional research * perform questions after each chapter--with solutions and motives * Full-length perform examination with assessment concepts for questions you omit We take nice notes--and make studying a snap greater than Notes! CliffsAP? CliffsComplete? CliffsQuickReview? CliffsStudySolver CliffsTestPrep?

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B If you missed 19 or 20, go to “Periodic Functions,” page 66. 21. B If you missed 21, go to “Graphing Sine and Cosine,” page 67. 22. C If you missed 22, go to “Graphing Tangents,” page 77. 23. D If you missed 23, go to “Graphing the Reciprocal Functions,” page 78. 24. A 25. D If you missed 24 or 25, go to “Finding Missing Parts of Right Triangles,” page 93. 26. B 27. C If you missed 26 or 27, go to “Angles of Elevation and Depression,” page 95. 28. C If you missed 28, go to “The Law of Sines,” page 100.

D 66. A If you missed 64, 65, or 66, go to “Converting Between Polar and Rectangular Coordinates,” page 206. 67. C 68. B If you missed 67, go to “Plotting Complex Numbers on Rectangular Axes,” page 217. If you missed 68, go to “Plotting Complex Numbers on the Polar Axis,” page 219. 69. D If you missed 69, go to “Finding Powers of Complex Numbers,” page 225. 20 70. CliffsStudySolver Trigonometry C If you missed 70, go to “Inverse Sine and Cosine,” page 244. 71. B If you missed 71, go to “Inverse Tangent,” page 249.

Calculators handle arcsine in different ways. On some, you push an button and then press the appropriate trig ratio. On others, you must press the <2nd function> button and then press the appropriate trig ratio button. Interpolation Most trigonometric functions, whether listed in tables or found on calculators, are approximations. Nevertheless, every effort possible is made to get the numbers as close as possible to the actual value. 8660, the cosine for 30°. The method for approximating the closer value is known as interpolation.

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