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By Hung Nguyen-Schäfer

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This ebook comprehensively offers the computational layout of rolling bearings facing many interdisciplinary tough operating fields. They surround elastohydrodynamics (EHD), Hertzian touch conception, oil-film thickness in elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL), bearing dynamics, tribology of floor textures, fatigue failure mechanisms, fatigue lifetimes of rolling bearings and lubricating greases, Weibull distribution, rotor balancing, and airborne noises (NVH) within the rolling bearings. additionally, the readers are supplied with hands-on crucial formulation in response to the updated DIN ISO norms and priceless examples for computational layout of rolling bearings.

The subject matters are meant for undergraduate and graduate scholars in mechanical and fabric engineering, examine scientists, and working towards engineers who are looking to comprehend the interactions among those operating fields and to grasp find out how to layout the rolling bearings for car and plenty of different industries.

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7 Operating Contact Angle Under Thrust Load Fa ¼ Z Á Pa ¼ Z Á ðP0, a sin αÞ Fa ) P0 , a ¼ Z sin α 37 ð2:29Þ The normal load P0,a on the ball at the contact area between the balls and inner and outer raceways causes the elastic deformation in the normal direction of the ball at the inner and outer raceways. This elastic deformation at the contact area is written as δ ¼ δi þ δo ð2:30Þ Before the elastic deformation δ occurs in the bearing, the bearing gives the geometric relation: r i þ r o À ρ0 ¼ D w ð2:31Þ After the elastic deformation δ occurs in the bearing, one obtains the new geometric relation in the bearing: r i þ r o À ρ ¼ Dw À ðδi þ δo Þ ¼ Dw À δ ð2:32Þ Subtracting Eq.

The bearing factor γ is defined in the ball diameter Dw and pitch diameter Dpw as γ¼ Dw cos α0 Dpw ð2:7dÞ Analogously, according to DIN ISO 76: 1994 [7], the static load rating in N for radial roller bearings is empirically calculated as Co ¼ 44:195 where σ max 4000 2 Á ð1 À γ Þ Á iZLDw cos α0 ð2:8Þ 26 2 Design of Rolling Bearings i is the row of rollers γ is the bearing factor in Eq. 7d Z is the number of rollers in a row L is the roller length (mm) Dw is the roller diameter (mm) α0 is the free (nominal) contact angle σ max is chosen between 4,000 and 4,200 MPa The static load rating is the real load rating in the operating condition.

6 Load Distribution on Balls Under Dynamic Equivalent Load 33 Qi 6¼ 0 for À γ L < iγ < þγ L with δi > 0 The freeload zone for Qi ¼ 0 in the bearing is outside the load zone: Qi ¼ 0 for þ γ L iγ ð2π À γ L Þ with δi 0 The limit load angle γ L is calculated as δL ¼ ðδ0 þ e=2 Þ cos γ L Àe=2 ¼ 0 e ) γ L ¼ cos À1 2δ0 þ e This result shows that the load zone depends on the bearing diametral clearance and the maximum elastic deformation of the lowest ball (i ¼ 0). At zero bearing clearance (e ¼ 0), the load zone is limited in the lower half part and the freeload zone in the upper half part of the bearing: π π < iγ < þ with δi > 0; 2 2 π 3π iγ þ with δi 0 Qi ¼ 0 for þ 2 2 Qi 6¼ 0 for À Due to symmetry of loads on the balls about the axis of Q0, the load distribution on the balls is written using Eq.

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