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By Mark Rashid

ISBN-10: 0585026157

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ISBN-10: 1555661181

ISBN-13: 9781555661182

Mark Rashid’s wonderful tales will introduce you to quiet recommendations for resolving education difficulties from the horse’s aspect of view. subject matters contain flooring manners, making a choice on up ft, headshyness, trailer loading, mounting difficulties, balking, and head tossing. if you happen to are approximately to shop for a horse and certainly while you're approximately to promote your horse due to difficulties, or maybe in the event you in basic terms want you owned a horse, this e-book provide you with a complete new point of view into the horse’s aspect of view.

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If that meant admitting a mistake that I'd made while looking for the solution, so be it. I also wanted this to be a book that could be read, understood, and enjoyed by both horse people and non-horse people alike. Hopefully, because of the way it's written, you'll be able to relate to the stories, whether you ride every day or the only time you've ever ridden in your life was on the merry-go-round at the county fair. Page 2 You may get the feeling that perhaps there are more solutions to the problems I have covered than just the solutions mentioned in this book.

I had never heard that exact sound before, or since. I heard one of the boys who was sitting on the top rail with us comment that Tony, the man on the horse's back, had bit off more than he could chew, and evidently he had. Horse and rider made only three very fast and furious laps around the round pen before Page 9 How do you suppose the horse feels about all this? Page 10 Tony was launched into the air like that guy I'd once seen at the county fair who shot himself out of the cannon. Tony landed in a heap about twenty feet from where he came off.

This also has been intentional. While the specific problem of a "barny" horse is not covered, the information on how to fix one is in this book. I've just left it up to you to find it. Other problems, such as a horse that bucks, rears, or kicks, have also been intentionally left out, but not for the reasons I have just mentioned. Rather, those types of problems have been left out of this book because I know firsthand how truly dangerous they can be, and I would hate to see someone become injured because of information that I had supplied.

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