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Containing Balkan Nationalism specializes in the consequences of the Bulgarian nationwide circulate that constructed within the context of Ottoman modernization and of ecu imperialism within the close to East. The move aimed to accomplish the prestige of an self sustaining Bulgarian Orthodox church, elimination ethnic Bulgarians from the jurisdiction of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. This self reliant church prestige intended criminal and cultural autonomy in the Islamic constitution of the Ottoman Empire, which famous non secular minorities instead of ethnic ones.

Denis Vovchenko indicates how Russian policymakers, intellectuals, and prelates labored including the Ottoman executive, Balkan and different diplomats, and rival church buildings, to include and defuse ethnic clash between Ottoman Christians throughout the promoting of supraethnic spiritual associations and identities. The estimated preparations have been usually encouraged via smooth visions of a political and cultural union of Orthodox Slavs and Greeks. even if discovered or now not, they tested the energy and suppleness of supranational identities and associations at the eve of the 1st international struggle. The booklet encourages modern analysts and policymakers to discover the opportunity of such conventional loyalties to defuse present ethnic tensions and function natural possible choices to established types of power-sharing and federation.

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According to this school of thought, the so-​called Phanariotes alone managed to preserve a sense of ethnic self-​identity through their links to such surviving Byzantine institutions as the Patriarchate. 24 They allegedly refused to maintain Slavic heritage from Greek-​dominated diocesan centers and siphoned off most local funds into their own coffers as well as the pockets of various Ottoman officials to pay for the debts resulting from regular bribes that had to be paid for all kinds of official business including confirmation of top church appointments.

57.  26–​29. 59 Many Serbs, such as Archbishop Mikhail and his flock, felt under Ottoman rule like “sheep among wolves” and had no protector except the Lord, St. ”61 To use a political science term, we will see the emerging dynamic of irredentism—​the discourse and policy of political incorporation of culturally related unredeemed populations. In more modern times, irredentism is usually ethnic such as in the Serbo-​Croatian War of 1991 and some other Yugoslav wars. 62 Patriarchs of Constantinople had much more difficulty recognizing the church of Moscow as a patriarchate in its own right.

The use of Greek in advanced urban schools also made sense because the literary languages of Balkan Slavs and Rumanian-​speaking Wallachians and Moldavians were less established and prestigious. 27 But lower-​level clergy was everywhere native born. Parish priests, abbots, and monks maintained a network of primary schools and used Old Church Slavonic in teaching, Divine Liturgy, and manuscript copying. Far from suppressing those traditional cultural pursuits, their Greek superiors typically tolerated and often even sponsored them contrary to the later claims of 24.

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