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Hydrogen ions make a solution acid and, therefore, force the pH toward zero. Hydroxyl ions (OH-) make a solution basic or alkaline and push the pH upward. The corrosion rate of steel usually increases as the pH of the water decreases (becomes more acidic), although extremely high pH solutions can also be corrosive. 1. The actual variation of corrosion rate with pH is obviously dependent on the composition of the water or electrolyte. In many oilfield waters, protective scales, such as iron hydroxides or carbonate scales, may form on the steel surface and slow down the corrosion rate.

A hardness exception has been made for the quenched and tempered modified grade 4130 (UNS G41300) steels where the maximum hardness limit has been increased to 26 HRC. ). This topic is discussed later under CRAs. It is very important to remember that resistance to SSC does not mean resistance to other forms of corrosion. Most oilfield steels that are resistant to SSC require corrosion protection such as inhibition or coating. Weight loss and pitting corrosion because of the H2S is a very complicated situation.

Sour gas wells with high H2S contents (10 to 35 mol%) may produce sulfur along with the gas and greatly increase the corrosion potential. Sour gas wells that do not produce associated hydrocarbon liquids should be considered corrosive, and protective measures taken. The choice for these situations has been either continuous inhibition or use of corrosion-resistant alloys. The presence of H2S in oil wells may or may not be a significant factor in weight loss/pitting corrosion depending upon the water phase pH and the presence or absence of oxygen.

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