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By Steven A. Guttenberg

ISBN-10: 081381698X

ISBN-13: 9780813816982

ISBN-10: 1118704673

ISBN-13: 9781118704677

Content material:
Chapter 1 what's attractiveness? (pages 1–4): Steven A. Guttenberg
Chapter 2 Smile layout and Veneers (pages 5–18): Peter Rinaldi
Chapter three optimum Use of Dental Implants for Cosmesis: developing Aesthetic results with Dental Implant Restorations (pages 19–36): Neil L. Starr
Chapter four Aesthetic judgements in grownup Orthodontics (pages 37–45): Wayne Hickory and Rohit Sachdeva
Chapter five Optimizing Dental Implant Aesthetics (pages 46–58): Joel Rosenlicht and James Ward
Chapter 6 Lip and Perioral plastic surgery (pages 59–81): Jon Perenack
Chapter 7 Injectable Fillers for beauty Facial Enhancement (pages 82–93): Bruce N. Epker
Chapter eight Aesthetic Facial Implants (pages 94–114): William J. Binder
Chapter nine Neuromuscular Blockers (pages 115–130): Paul G. Ruff
Chapter 10 pores and skin Rejuvenation (pages 131–151): Suzan Obagi and Shauna Kranendonk
Chapter eleven Scar Revision (pages 152–172): Saif S. Al?Bustani and R. Bryan Bell
Chapter 12 Liposuction (pages 173–180): Douglas M. Monasebian
Chapter thirteen beauty Blepharoplasty (pages 181–202): Lauren Gavaris and Paul Gavaris
Chapter 14 forehead Lifting (pages 203–215): Matthew R. Hlavacek and Steven J. Prstojevich
Chapter 15 beauty Rhinoplasty (pages 216–235): Leonard Spector
Chapter sixteen Otoplasty: Surgical Correction of the famous Ear (pages 236–249): Todd G. Owsley
Chapter 17 Rhytidoplasty (pages 250–270): Robert A. Strauss and Kevin P. Bond
Chapter 18 Short?Scar Face?Lift recommendations (pages 271–286): Steven B. Hopping
Chapter 19 Aesthetic merits of Orthognathic surgical procedure (pages 287–307): Charles Dennis Hasse
Chapter 20 Minimally Invasive Orthognathic and Condylar surgical procedure (pages 308–317): Carl Bouchard, Matthew Lawler, Leonard B. Kaban and Maria J. Troulis
Chapter 21 Hair Transplantation (pages 318–323): Marc R. Avram and Nicole E. Rogers

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