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By Seth Thaller, James P. Bradley, Joe I. Garri

ISBN-10: 0849382106

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Addressing the whole variety of craniofacial anomalies, from cleft lip and orthognatic surgical procedure to acute facial fractures and tumors, Craniofacial surgical procedure offers step by step guideline at the anesthetic administration, surgical work-up, and operative therapy of complicated congenital or received anomalies affecting the pinnacle, higher face, and jaw. Written by way of professional specialists who've constructed an intensive scientific and simple wisdom during this evolving self-discipline, this resource will comprehensively study uncomplicated parts of craniofacial surgical procedure, and set the traditional for the administration of those hard scientific entities. Written in a simple technology layout slanted in the direction of neurological problems Craniofacial surgical procedure covers

  • the uncomplicated parts of craniofacial surgical procedure addressing the traditional of strategy to use in the prognosis, remedy, restoration, and administration for sufferers having craniofacial issues
  • the whole variety of craniofacial anomalies from cleft lip and orthognatic surgical procedure to acute facial fractures and tumors
  • skeletonization and repositioning of the boney skeleton in addition to 3 dimensional mobilization and re-positioning of the bony framework - that is in basic terms comprehensive through a mixed intra- and additional- cranial strategy
  • all modern day suggestions in craniofacial surgical procedure, together with using craniofacial innovations for program in aesthetic surgical procedure
  • The administration of either congenital and purchased defects
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    Ant. and post. deep temporal a. Sphenopalatine a. Masseteric a. Frontal branch Middle meningeal a. Parietal branch Infraorbital a. Anterior tympanic a. Deep auricular a. Descending palatine a. Superficial temporal a. maxillary a. Internal maxillary a. Post. auricular a. Occipital a. External carotid a. Post. superior alveolar a. Buccal a. Pterygoid aa. Inferior alveolar a. Facial a. Lingual a. FIGURE 17 The maxillary artery and its branches. 22 Wexler branches of the nerve are more singular in their innervations and damage to these nerves will be immediately evident.

    The anterior facial vein courses parallel and posterior to the facial artery, the vein begins as the angular vein at the angle of the nose and the eye. The angular vein communicates with the orbital vein, which communicates with the cavernous sinus. Infections of the upper Mylohyoid muscles Genioglossus (A) Mandibular retractors Posterior part of temporalis muscle Deep part of masseter muscle Mandibular protrusor Lateral pterygoid muscle Mandibular elevators Masseter muscle Medial pterygoid muscle Anterior part of temporalis muscle (B) Temporalis muscle (C) Medial pterygoid Mandibular depressor–retractors Digastric muscle Geniohyoid muscle Temporalis muscle Lateral pterygoid muscle Medial pterygoid muscle FIGURE 22 Representation of the forces of the mandibular musculature upon the mandible in (A) the anterior muscle group, (B) the posterior muscle group and mandibular depressor retractors, and (C) the posterior muscle group.

    The oculomotor (CN III), trochlear (CN IV), and abducens (CN VI) enter the orbit via this fissure (Fig. 26). Sphenoid bone Sphenopalatine foramen Greater wing Infratemporal crest Lateral plate of pterygoid process Hamulus of medial plate (pterygoid process of sphenoid bone) Inferior orbital fissure Foramen ovale Sphenopalatine fossa Infratemporal surface of maxilla Temporal bone External acoustic meatus Alveolar foramina Styloid process Maxillary tuberosity Glenoid fossa Articular tubercle FIGURE 32 Infratemporal fossa exposed with zygomatic arch removed.

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