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By Lori Handeland

ISBN-10: 0312389361

ISBN-13: 9780312389369

Gina O’Neill will do something to carry directly to her liked ranch that has been in her relatives for generations. Enter Mateo Mecate, an archeologist whose maximum want is to dig there. ready to despise Matt—and to thwart his agenda—Gina can't deny the stunning hope she feels for him.Matt believes that the Nahua Springs Ranch holds a tremendous key to Aztec history—one that would fix his status within the archeological group. yet he by no means expects to head head-to-head with the maddeningly sensuous proprietor, Gina. The ranch turns out to have solid a spell on them both…When Gina and Matt delve into the secrets and techniques of this historical position, they wake up whatever unspeakably evil—a shapeshifter who's centuries previous. A werewolf with vengeance on its brain. A sorcerer of incredible power. Can Gina and Matt defeat this enemy—even as their conflicts deepen…and their allure grows extra harmful?

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Surprise, nerves, wonder. A strand of hair had sprung free of the braid and trailed down the side of her face, stirring just a bit in the breeze. He caught the scent of trees above the scent of the hay, and he couldn’t determine if the aroma rose from her skin, her clothes, or actual trees. Her lips, those eyes, that hair, and the sharp green scent of her seduced. They were alone in the barn. No one here but them and the horses, and they’d never tell. Matt began to lean forward; so did she. Somehow their fingers had tangled together up to the joints, and he was running his thumb along the back of her hand, enticed by the smoothness of her skin against his own world-roughened flesh.

Short hair would be a lot less trouble, especially on the overnight campouts that were part of every workweek. She’d never be able to do it. One of Gina’s fondest memories was of her mother brushing out the tangled strands before bed. Gina had the superstitious belief that if she cut her hair, and therefore stopped brushing it in just the same way every night, that memory of her mother would disappear as quickly as shorn locks in a winter wind. The sounds of a car door opening, then closing, made Gina frown.

Matt muttered. Gina laughed, and Matt realized he was flirting with her. Usually, when girls batted their eyes or the equivalent, he tossed around big words until they went away. He had no desire to do the same with Gina. Not only because he was supposed to be Teo Jones, schoolteacher from Arizona, but also because he didn’t want her to go away. Not yet. Talking with Gina was easy, natural, honest. Which was amazing considering everything he’d told her so far had been a lie. But as he’d lied so he could discover things, he’d best make use of this time with her to discover them.

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