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By Hugh Manistre

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An exploration of crop circles, supplying feedback for private study. It addresses: the background of crop circles; theories and causes; technology and the circles; the "New Age", the mystical and the circles; hoaxes; conspiracy idea; and up to date occasions and closing mysteries.

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Early in the 1991 season, a sample of barley stem from a circle in Cornwall had been examined by a biologist, Kay Larsen. He reported that the nodes of the stem were swollen and the cells appeared to have been subject to an intense heat in a short burst. Chorost's samples, when tested by Dr W. C. Levengood, appeared to confirm this when photographs were produced showing microscopic alterations to the cell walls and a blackening effect where the leaf surface had been carbonized. Both Levengood and Larsen concluded that the plants could have been subject to a brief but intense burst of energy.

8. Paranoia and conspiracy We began with the point that the history of the crop circles resembles that of UFO research and it may be observed pessimistically that little or nothing has been learned from the latter. We have seen in the preceding chapter that circle-making has its roots in UFO hoaxes and the sensitivity of some researchers to this led them to adopt a more guarded approach to the circles. Others have been less cautious. Like ufology, circles research has become prone to paranoia and conspiracy theory and the themes of this chapter constitute some of the strangest episodes in cerealogy.

These are described in Chapter 4. Here we are concerned with what experimental evidence can show about his theories. As his ideas developed to include the concept that plasmas are involved, he was contacted by Japanese researchers one of whom, Yoshi-Hiko Ohtsuki, had been experimenting with the production of small plasma balls in a laboratory at the University of Waseda. In 1991 Ohtsuki was contacted by an employee of the Tokyo underground system, who thought he would be interested in a discovery that had been made by maintenance workers; circular markings left in the dirt on the walls of the tunnels, some of which had rings.

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