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Day-by-day educational Vocabulary positive aspects: 36 weeks of systematic vocabulary guideline and direct guide of key vocabulary phrases that scholars will come upon in lots of varied educational contexts and studying studies. scholars will perform phrases via talking, listening, interpreting, and writing. there's an easy-to-follow instructor web page for every week with weekly experiences in try out layout and ready-to-use transparencies for introducing every one weeks phrases. each one instructor web page contains definitions and instance sentences for the weeks phrases; guide specializes in own connections to the phrases. the scholar perform pages for Monday via Thursday comprise 3 or 4 day-by-day goods that concentrate on utilizing the phrases in a scholastic or own context. the coed perform pages for fri. comprise 4 multiple-choice goods that offer try out prep; an open-ended writing task requiring scholars to use the phrases to private stories.

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Synonyms: defamation, slander characterized by persistent and careful attention or effort An assiduous student, she earned the highest grades despite her learning disability. Synonyms: attentive, constant, persevering to decrease the intensity or severity of Nothing but time could assuage their grief after they lost their home. indd 37 5/10/11 2:55 PM A harsh, caustic, strict He was the only employee unafraid of the boss’s astringent tongue. Synonyms: biting, bitter, cutting, sharp a place or state of shelter and protection; a place for the care of the ill or insane The refugees found asylum at the monastery.

Synonyms: allay, ease, lighten, relieve a mixture of two or more different things; literally, a mixture of two or more metals or of a metal and nonmetal Even sterling silver is actually an alloy of silver with another metal, usually copper. ) to attract GRE GRE V OCABULA V OCABURY LA RY Only the possibility that his favorite singer might perform could allure him to attend the concert. ) that which attracts Easily nauseated, she could not see the allure of a roller coaster. indd 19 5/10/11 2:55 PM A to mix or combine into one body The plan to amalgamate the two high schools was not well thought out, and the students did not easily unite into one school.

Synonyms: genuine, straightforward, unaffected, uncultured strictly self-denying, often for spiritual purposes The ascetic practices of a monk are certainly not for everyone. Synonyms: austere, disciplined, strict severity of tone, manner, or temper; roughness The asperity with which she spoke revealed her anger about the situation. indd 35 5/10/11 2:55 PM A a false accusation intended to do harm He cast aspersions on his rival, but everyone could see that his wild claims were not true. Synonyms: defamation, slander characterized by persistent and careful attention or effort An assiduous student, she earned the highest grades despite her learning disability.

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