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By Anya Bast

ISBN-10: 0425240533

ISBN-13: 9780425240533

Seduced in a dream by way of a good-looking, rugged guy, Charlotte Bennett makes a decision to enable excitement and wish lead the way-only to find her "safe evening of ardour has risky repercussions.

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That‘s what the bond magick was truly meant for, of course, to draw a mate. That was why he‘d never used it before. He was the last man on earth who should attract love. Luckily he‘d bonded this bitter, angry woman. There was a greater chance he‘d fall in love with Abastor, the head horse of the Wild Hunt. Emmaline held out a hand as if to stay their bickering. ―I‘m going now . . ‖ Kieran pushed tiredly up to his feet and saw her out the door. Once it was closed, he leaned against it and spoke without looking back at Charlotte.

You‘re a lightweight, too. ‖ ―Hey! You are raining all over my first beer parade. ‖ He glanced over his shoulder at her. ―That was your first beer? As in, before today you‘ve never drank any? ‖ ―I went to college; I just never drank there. ‖ She stabbed her finger in the air. ‖ ―Good Danu, woman. ‖ ―I—‖ ―No. Don‘t. ‖ The bike revved to life and he guided it away from the curb, making her yelp and cling to him again. They traveled through the suburbs and back into the Boundary Lands. Navigating small gravel roads slowly and carefully, he led her through the forests and down an even narrower path that must have been meant only for walking.

The house was circular and the kitchen and living room were open, separated by a mahogany dining bar. Windows were abundant, showing off a neatly manicured yard that burst with green growing things. Everything was brownie-sized—the chairs and tables were small, the kitchen counters low—and comfortable looking. Human children–sized. Eian returned with two big mugs of beer. She accepted hers with hesitation. She never drank alcohol. Never. ―Oh! ‖ Eian hurried back into the kitchen. Charlotte stared at the beer mug in her hand.

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